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The GUGA Life aims to make activity
and exercise fun, enjoyable
and exciting for everyone.

Motivation & inspiration

Your GUGA Life trainer will spend a whole day in your school to teach, motivate and inspire young leaders and staff on how to deliver a fun, safe and enjoyable exercise session that can be used as a 15 minute wake up in the morning, or as a one hour exercise session that has a whole school impact.

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Structured programmes

Two children swimming

We will teach Young Leaders the importance of structure to their exercise programmes, how to warm up, mobilise and cool down along with the timings of these elements.

Music and fun

Two boys with Thumbs up

Unlike many, if not all other projects in your area, GUGA Life is not sports specific, the structure of all our exercise programmes will be based around music and fun.

Two children touching toes

Improving family health

We believe the best way to have a real impact on improving the health of children and families is by making healthy living fun! The GUGA Life have developed several schemes of work that meet the new PE curriculum criteria and also provides schools with an opportunity to invest their 'Sports Premium Funding' in an all inclusive, fun and sustainable programme that has a whole school impact.

Making Healthy a Habit

In September 2013 we launched our new 'Making Healthy a Habit' programme - driven by the desire to inspire all our GUGA Life schools to Get Up, Get Active EVERYDAY. This programme includes an exciting activity launch day for the whole school and is backed up with classroom resources including challenges, GUGA Life council, stickers, posters and a GUGA Life trophy. Website access for every member of the school community gives schools a unique opportunity to really make a difference to the health and wellbeing of their community.

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