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PE - The Cinderella Subject!


At some point, and hopefully soon - all of the 'talk' and all of the 'reports' will actually lead to some sort of action!! On a daily basis, we see the positive impact of exercise and activity for children.

Truth be told 'Cinderella Subject' is absolutely spot on....we couldn't have put it better ourselves.

'PE' or 'Exercise' or 'Activity' or whatever we want to call it is the conduit to so much more when it comes to the health, wellbeing AND education of our children.

The report itself is typically padded out with lots of 'official' sounding talk and lots of waffle but there are some good points in there.

There are some really simple changes Schools....and indeed families can make to inspire children to lead a healthier lifestyle and a more active daily life.

In the report, it mentions that we should maybe move away from 'drill' and 'skill' based PE lessons. Something that we've been saying since 2009. Of course, it has its place and is invaluable when it comes to identifying sports that children could fall in love with as they go through their school life.

But...speaking from experience of working in hundreds of infant, junior and primary schools over the years.....when you have a class where two thirds of the children don't currently have that passion for sport or the knowledge of the importance of being healthy, then asking them to perform 60 minutes of 'skill based' drills isn't going to work for the majority of children in that class.

You know what does work though.......




If you can do that then most, if not all of the children in your school, or your household will enjoy getting fit and healthy!

We'll carry on doing what we do and are more than happy to help any school, or family that wants to join us to Get Up, Get Active! 😊

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