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Gugafit News Update - March 2014

Gugafit News Update - March 2014


Schools - 

It’s been another busy month at Gugafit with more schools choosing to run our ‘Making Healthy a Habit’ project. We launched MHAH in September 2013 and schools have really embraced the inclusivity and sustainability of the project.

Some of the feedback from schools has been inspiring - 

Sherington Primary School (Greenwich) - 

“GUGAfit is going well at school - we have a huge display up in the hall, the GUGAfit leaders have a presence in the playground every lunchtime and every class is using GUGAfit for their PE warm-up at least twice a week. All children are logging onto their diaries during ICT too. We are waiting for an outdoor sound system to arrive so we can lead whole school GUGAfit sessions!”

Fairfield Primary School (Cardiff) - 

"Just to let you know that GUGAFIT has been received extremely well by everyone at the school. We've set up a GUGAFIT Council involving our Young Leaders and others from Year 6. We have added GUGAFIT videos to our school website and Youtube page and we are starting up a GUGAFIT after school club this week which our Young Leaders are going to help to run. We are also getting underway with our half class target in which pupils much complete 60 tuck jumps everyday and have a GUGAFIT active zone on the playground where our Young Leaders set the junior school a weekly exercise target!"

Working with schools has been our passion for many years and we are more determined than ever to help children to Get Up, Get Active and lead a healthy lifestyle. 


Just before Christmas we launched our brand new fun fitness classes called Gugamums - these sessions are all based around having fun whilst working hard. Every Tuesday evening at a hall in Guildford, 20+ mums come together to laugh, lunge, sprint, laugh, box, laugh, dance and squat their way to fitter mind and body. We set up these classes  as we wanted to offer ladies (and their teenage daugthers) the chance to Get Up, Get Active and get fit in a friendly environment. We’ve already seen some really impressive improvements  from many of our clients and hope to be able to add more sessions across the UK in the coming months - 

“Thanks for a great session last night, who's have thought exercise could be such fun plus I'm feeling energized this morning, which for anyone who knows me is unusual!!;)” 

Laura Thomson

“Woop whoop just done my first 60sec plank. How'd that happen?? Having been a jelly fish previously, I now feel so happy my sessions ARE paying off. Very impressed by the improvement. No other class has offered such results.”

Nikki Fons-Waugh

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