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Track your health online with The GUGA Life

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Enter your food and exercise information everyday and watch your GUGA Life points accumulate throughout the week. Be careful though, some meals, snacks and activities are worth more points than others - can you work out which meals and exercises will earn you the most points?

Record what you eat in your food diary

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Complete your daily food diary and keep track of everything you eat and drink. The healthier your diet, the more GUGA Life points you will earn. We don't count calories at GUGA, you can eat anything you want as long as it's part of a healthy balance diet. Will you choose the healthiest foods?

Complete your exercise diary every week

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Record your daily activity and exercise and make sure you GUGA Life every day to earn good GUGA points. Some exercises will earn you huge GUGA Life points while others not so much. Children, you will have to exercise for more minutes every week than adults to earn the same amount of points… aren't we cruel?

Collect weekly and long-term awards

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If you stay dedicated and focused, you will earn medals and certificates with your GUGA Life points. Every week you will have a target that you will need to hit to win a GUGA Life medal, win enough medals and you will receive a downloadable certificate… you'll have to work hard though as it's not easy to win our medals!

Check out lots of healthy recipes

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As you fill in your food diary, you will notice that many of our meals come with a full recipe. We really want all our members to cook with fresh and healthy produce everyday. You'll notice that you will earn more GUGA Life points for the healthier meals, and virtually no points for ready meals! You can also suggest a recipe to us and see if it will make it onto the GUGA Life recipe page.

Ask us questions about food, exercise and health

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You really can ask us anything (within reason). The GUGA Life team members are exercise and nutrition professionals. If you need some advice on how to exercise more or even if you would like some help to balance your diet then just type your question in the box and we'll get back to you.