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The GUGA Life aims to make
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The GUGA Life was designed with the health and wellbeing of families in mind. We wanted to help motivate and inspire children, their parents and whole communities to have fun and exercise. There are lots of us who really want to become healthier and fitter but either don’t know where to start, or don’t really fancy the traditional 'GYM' route to health and wellbeing.

The GUGA Life is a health and wellbeing project working within schools and their wider communities. We work with families and individuals throughout the UK with a view to getting as many of us to GUGA as possible.

The project was designed by health and fitness professionals with extensive experience, primarily within the primary and secondary school systems and the health and well being industry.

GUGA believes that the way to have a real impact on improving the health and fitness of children and families is to engage with them.

GUGA Life for schools

We offer Young Leader and Staff Training to Schools throughout the UK.

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