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Find out why The GUGA Life is the fun and easy way to keep your whole family feeling fit and healthy. Thousands of families already get up, get active with The GUGA Life. Why not join us today to see how much fun it can be.

129,962,822 minutes exercise by GUGA Life members!

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GUGA Life Online Features

  • Record your food

    Keep track of what you eat and drink, and learn all about a healthy balanced diet.

  • Track your exercise

    Record your daily activity and exercise everyday and watch your personal GUGA Life points add up.

  • Collect awards

    Collect medals and certificates as you earn GUGA Life points from your food and exercise diaries.

  • Ask us anything!

    Ask our team of professionals anything you like about health and wellbeing.

The GUGA Life online features

Family membership

Free - No contract or joining fee.

You will receive 5 GUGA Life memberships for your family to enjoy, so now you can all get up, get active together.

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The GUGA Life is an exciting, fun, all inclusive and sustainable scheme of work that motivates and inspires your whole school community to get up, get active!


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